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Discover Mantis Fitness 24/7 
Ontario NY's Hidden Gem for That Private Gym Feel!

Your Personal Gym

Tired of crowded, impersonal gyms? At Mantis Fitness 24/7, we prioritize a cozy and personal atmosphere where you can truly focus on your workout. Our smaller size allows you to feel like you're in your very own gym, ensuring you never have to wait for equipment.


Clean and Inviting

Experience a gym that's always clean and inviting. We take pride in maintaining a spotless environment, so you can focus solely on achieving your fitness goals in a space that feels like your own.

Always Open

Our doors are open 24/7, giving you the freedom to work out at your own pace. Whether you prefer early morning sessions, late-night workouts, or anything in between, you have unrestricted access to your personal fitness sanctuary


24/7 Access


Clean & Safe

Family with Tablet

Family Offerings

Create lasting memories while staying fit and healthy as a family unit. At Mantis Fitness 24/7, we're committed to keeping your loved ones strong, happy, and connected.

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