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Code of Conduct

We prioritize creating a positive community for all our members where individuals can pursue their fitness goals with comfort and enjoyment. We value everyone's commitment to a healthy lifestyle and encourage mutual support, and thank you for contributing to the welcoming experience of Mantis Fitness 24/7.


Respect Others' Space

• Allow personal space during workouts.

• Avoid crowding or unnecessary close contact.


Wipe Down Equipment

• Clean equipment after use with provided spray and towels.


Re-Rack Weights

• Return weights to their designated places after use.


No Smoking or Drug Use

• Smoking and drug usage are strictly prohibited on the premises.


Be Mindful of Noise / Volume

• Use headphones to maintain a quiet, personal workout environment      for the other members. 

• Keep phone conversations brief; use headphones for music.

• Avoid dropping weights excessively or creating loud disturbances.


Men and Women's Bathrooms

• Use the designated restroom corresponding to your gender.


Guest Policy

• All guests must sign a liability waiver.

• A $10 guest fee is required for non-members.


Outside Entities

• Members are not allowed to open the door and let outside                  entities into the gym.

• If someone is looking for a tour, they will need to call the phone        number and book an appointment.


Carry in, Carry out

• Members are responsible for their belongings.

• Personal items should be taken with you upon leaving; don't        leave them in the gym or in the bathroom lockers.


Equipment Time Limit

• During peak hours, limit equipment usage to 25 minutes if            others are waiting.

• Be mindful of others and share equipment during busy times.

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